Terms and Conditions

Important information about hiring with us

These terms and conditions form part of the agreement made between BIKEHEAD SL (NIF: B57791345) and the hirer.

If you want to cancel your bike reservation our policy is as follow:

Cancellation until 8 weeks before 1st. rental day, 50 % refund of the paid amount.

Cancellations between 8 and 4 weeks before 1st rental 25% refund of paid amount.

Cancellation made within 4 weeks before 1st. rental day, no refund will be given.


Payment must be done when you make the reservation. We accept major credit cards like VISA, MasterCard. You can also pay by making a bank transfer to our Spanish bank account.

Collection/Handing over the bike:

By signing the rental contract that comes with the bike, the hirer confirms that they have received the bike in perfect technical, safe and clean condition. The bike must be returned in the same condition as it was delivered/collected(with exception that BIKEHEAD is cleaning the bike when returned).

Liability in case of accident:

Bikehead will accept no responsibility or liability for any personal injury caused whilst riding the bike during the hire period. It is fully understood that the hirer must have adequate personal insurance to cover any eventuality that may occur including theft, damage and accidents caused by the hirer or any third party or their properties whilst under hire period. It is recommended that you check that your insurance cover this. We recommend you to carry your insurance documentation and identification with you at all times whilst riding the bike.

Liability in case of theft:

All bikes will be provided with a lock and the hirer is responsible for ensuring that it is adequately secured during the rental period. But if your bike gets stolen or you lose bike components like the bike computor for example, you are totally responsible for the loss. If your bike gets stolen you have to immediately inform Bikehead. If you have a adequate insurance which may pay for the stolen bike, you have to go to the nearest police station and get a police report of what occured. Bikehead will charge you for the stolen bike or parts missing (like bike computer) at the current market value.

Rental equipment

Bike/s and equipment hired on the rental agreement remain the property of Bikehead. The hirer is obliged to take good care of all equipment hired and take all precautions necessary to protect it from damage, loss and theft. The hirer is totally responsible to inform Bikehead of any damage or loss sustained to or from the bike during the period of hire. The insurance that is offered does not cover damage caused by reckless handling of the bike nor frame damage. When returning the bike at the end of the rental period Bikehead will examine the bike/equipment. If satisfied that there are no losses or damage, Bikehead will sign to confirm the cancellation of credit card deposit/return of the deposit. If for any reason a full inspection is not possible at the time of return (for example, you are in a hurry or another person returns the equipment on your behalf) the deposit will be retained until such examination can be carried out. Should any damage be sustained to the bike or any components during the period of hire. The hirer that has not bought Bikeheads insurance(covering damage to the bike) is responsible for full replacement cost at current market price of the whole or part of the the bike/equipment damaged. In signing the hire agreement the hirer are accepting that any damage found to the bike/equipment after returned will be charged to his credit card. In such circumstances the hirer will be informed by e-mail of the details of the damage and amount charged.

If the hirer failes to return the bike at the agreed time, he/she will be debited €105 + €50/day onwards. The hirer must inform Bikehead of any delays in the return, unreturned equipment will be charged at full replacement cost of rented equipment and we will report this to the local police, so it´s of utmost importance to contact us directly if you have any problem with the return of the equipment.

Delivery Service:

We are unable to offer a delivery service, however we do have two collection locations in  Palma de Mallorca. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Civil responsability and limitations:

Hirer is TOTALLY responsible for respecting the existing traffic laws in Spain. Helmet is obligatory while riding your bike.

For any questions you may have, please contact us.

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